[Webpage]3D Object Intersection

3D Object Intersection

3차원 객체들의 교차(혹은 충돌)여부를 검사하는 것은 그래픽관련 프로그래밍할 때, 매우 빈번하게 접하는 문제이다.
이런 문제들을 한 자리에 일목요연하게 정리한 웹페이지이다.
위치 : http://www.realtimerendering.com/int/
자체 설명
This page gives a grid of intersection routines for various popular
objects, pointing to resources
in books and on the web. For a unified static and dynamic object
intersection and distance library (non-commercial use only, though),
the TGS collision system. The most comprehensive books on the subject are Geometric Tools for Computer Graphics (GTCG) and Real-Time Collision Detection (RTCD); the former is all-encompassing, the latter more approachable and focused.

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