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한강 조망권이 인정 받지 못한다

July 8th, 2007

대법원은 한강조망권을 인정하지 않는다는 취지의 판결을 내렸다.
대법원은 “소송을 낸 주민들이 주장하는 조망권은 고층 아파트가 들어서기 전에 있던 건물보다 높다는 이유로 생긴 것에 불과한만큼 보호받을 권리라고 볼 수
없다”고 했다.
“일부러 조망을 방해하는 특별한 사정이 없는한 인접 토지의 적법한 건축행위를 함부로 막을 수는 없다는 취지입니다”라고 대법원 공보관은 밝혔다.- 엠비씨 뉴스 참조


공동주택에 의한 인접지역의 일조 및 조망 영향에 관한 연구

October 30th, 2003

공동주택에 의한 인접지역의 일조 및 조망 영향에 관한 연구-건물 높이 변화를 중심으로


When apartment buildings are buileded and re-builded, they tends to betaller. This tendency causes the problems for solar access and view inthe neighboring area. So the impact factor of sunlight and view byapartment building in its neighboring area is examined.
The results of this study are as follows: When analyzing sky view bydividing the sky vault into the differential area, the analysis of viewcan be efficient. The shorter the aparment building, the more thecontinuous solar access time. And the taller the building, the more theaccumulated solar access time. As the height of building is taller andit is farther from the border of apartment building, view ratio, skyview ratio, and form ratio are increased. It implies that the slimmerthe building, the more the visual environment can be improved.

Keywords : Sunlight, View, Quantitative Analysis, Building Height


주거용 건물에서의 투영법에 의한 조망의 정량적 분석에 관한 연구

October 30th, 2003


The quantitative analysis of view tells how surroundings and sky areshowed, and requires understanding of visual perception and threedimensional information of buildings. The visual perception and theexisting projection methods for view analysis are examined.
The results of this study are as follows: The visual perception on thesize is determined by the visual angle, which can be described as asolid angle. The analysis of view by planar projection can benarrow-sighted according to the size of the window and the location ofthe viewpoint, which will cause the obstacles in the normal directionof the window interfere the view. For the analysis of view by fisheyeprojection, the area around the focus point is calculated wider thanother areas, and so the view ratio depends on the position of the focuspoint. When analyzing sky view by dividing the sky vault into thedifferential area, the distortion by projection can be minimized.

키워드 : 조망, 투영법, 정량적 분석
Keywords : View, Projection Method, Quantitative Analysis