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바닥복사냉방의 결로방지를 위한 제습제어에 관한 연구

February 12th, 2003

바닥복사냉방의 결로방지를 위한 제습제어에 관한 연구
A Study on the Dehumidification Control to Prevent Condensation for Radiant Floor Cooling

설비공학 논문집 제15권 제6호, 2003, 2.

ABSTRACT:In the forming of an integrated system of radiant floorcooling and dehumidifying, chilled coil can be used for cooling anddehumidification. Therefore, it is necessary to find the efficientcontrol method which can eliminates latent load efficiently. This studyhas been conducted to find this method by dividing the dehumidificationsystem into 3 types according to the control variables and analyzingcharacteristics of each system. To prevent the floor surfacecondensation, the amount of condensation can be manipulated by watertemperatures, water flow rates in chilled coil, and air flow ratespassing by it. So dehumidification system control can be divided intoconstant air flow control and variable air flow control. Regardingdehumidification control, variable air flow control, which eliminateslatent load rather than sensible load, is preferable to constant flowcontrol.

Keywords:Radiant floor cooling(바닥복사냉방), Dehumidification system(제습시스템), Ondol(온돌), Condensation(결로), Control(제어)