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3D cad 에서 그린 것을 ansys 로 가져오는 것과 관련된 다양한 내용들을

질문1. Ansys-autocad interface/translator?

-. The only format is IGES or SAT
-. ANSYS connection for SAT
-. Very poorly and requires extra work to “clean” up your *.sat geometries.
-. Simpler 3D geometries the IGES went OK,
  when the geometry was more complex the IGES proved to be poor.
-. The SAT was a little better

질문2. I imported an IGES file  to ANSYS5.6, it generate a wireframe model.

-. Try typing the command: /facet after you import the IGES file. For some
  reason ANSYS issues the command /facet,wire when you read in an IGES file

질문3. Has anyone any idea of how to get a Patran file into Ansys

-. What I do is change the preferences in Patran to ANSYS.
  Then I go to analysis and run Patran.
  This creates a *.prp file, that can be read into ANSYS.
  Then start up ANSYS and from the Utility menu do File/Read Input From.

질문4. I would like to transfer my ansys fe-model into hypermesh.

-. I have transferred the finite element information from
  an ANSYS model into hypermesh by using the unblocked
  format with the CDWRITE command.

-. only export the surface mesh, Then you can have H/M create the solids.

질문5. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to mesh a surface in Pro/Mechanica and
      import the mesh into ANSYS?

-.   Pro/Mechanica will create an *.ans file that can be read into ANSYS.

질문6. Does anybody have an idea where to get a reliable piece of software to
      convert 2D DXF models to ANSYS geometry ?

-. 1. Read the dxf file into AUTOCAD
  2. Export an IGES file from AUTOCAD
  3. Read the IGES file into ANSYS

-. A 3d cad code such as SolidEdge (or any of this ilk, I suppose) can read in
  a DFX file and export out either a parasolid (of lines) or iges.   Ansys
  will read either.

질문7. Does anyone have a know-how to iges solid geometry from ideas to ansys? It
      exports from ideas but it cosistently aborts in ansys during import.

-. There is a software called CADFIX will fix your problem.  It’ll prepare IGES
  file that’s accepted in ANSYS.

질문8. Does anybody knows which are the best setting for CATIA to get models
      which could be imported and meshed into ANSYS using ANSYS Connection for CATIA?.

-. In my experience, SolidE components in SHOW/PICK work the best with the
  Connection for CATIA product.  I’ve had very good luck with it.

질문9. I would like to know if it is possible to import a Nastran model to Ansys.
      if it is possible, could you explain me how to import it and the various
      difficulties that I can found.

-. A few years ago, I had to turn a nastran model into an ansys model; I used
  FEMAP with great success
-. There is no killer translator that works 100%, or for some types of models, even 50%.
  FEMAP is the closest you can find out there for such a tool that is available on the market.

질문10. I have tried default IGES to import our CAD models
       and at times, it is impossible to fix our CAD using ANSYS
       preprocessor tools.   So we are in process of evaluating a
       preprocessor for ANSYS.

-. You could evaluate CADFIX as a tool for repairing the IGES/STEP files for
  import to ANSYS.
-. Have you looked into the Connection Kit for Pro/E?  It imports *.prt and
  *.asm files directly, without the need to use a neutral file format like
  IGES or STEP, so the success rate of bringing in complex assemblies and
  parts is much higher.

질문11. does anybody know how to translate ANSYS models (release 6.0)
       into NASTRAN models to import into FEMAP  8.0? AND is there a way
       to translate output files too?

-. As was already stated, you can CDWRITE to produce a file of ANSYS commands that
  can be read into FEMAP.  To read ANSYS results, use the command
  File/Import/Analysis/Results.  You’ll have to specify ANSYS revision 5.x,
  because FEMAP does not, as yet, support ANSYS 6.x.

질문12. I am trying to build an equivalent ANSYS FE model from a NASTRAN FE model.
       Anybody who has worked on both NASTRAN and as well as ANSYS may suggest me
       the equivalent ANSYS element for CBAR (NASTRAN element with corresponding
       property PBAR).

-. You can import Nastran model to Patran or FEMAP and then export to ansys
  prep7 file – if the Nastran model doesn’t containt Nastran – specific things
  like RBE’s, both preprocessors should handle it. In Patran, you have to have
  Ansys preference enabled in your license file.

>ansys에서 3차원 도면을 불러오는 방법이 혹시 있습니까?
>다 아시다시피 ansys에서 그림 그리는 것은 엄청 힘들어서
>말이지요. 2차원도 겨우 그리는데 3차원은…
>혹시 autocad같은 것으로 그려서 간단히 불러오는 방법이
>있다면 그 가능 여부를 가르쳐주십시오.
>autocad가 안된다면 다른 가능한 방법도 가르쳐주십시오.

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