DXF Group code

DXF, Revision 10
excerpted from http://paulbourke.net/dataformats/dxf/dxf10.html

Group code range   Following value
       0 - 9       String
      10 - 59      Floating-point
      60 - 79      Integer
     210 - 239     Floating-point
        999        Comment (string)
Group code                           Value type
       0        Identifies the start of an entity, table entry, or file
                separator.  The text value that follows indicates which.
       1        The primary text value for an entity.
       2        A name; Attribute tag, Block name, etc.
      3-4       Other textual or name values.
       5        Entity handle expressed as a hexadecimal string.
       6        Line type name (fixed).
       7        Text style name (fixed).
       8        Layer name (fixed).
       9        Variable name identifier (used only in HEADER section of
                the DXF file).
       10       Primary X coordinate (start point of a Line or Text
                entity, center of a Circle, etc.).
     11-18      Other X coordinates.
       20       Primary Y coordinate.  2n values always correspond to 1n
                values and immediately follow them in the file.
     21-28      Other Y coordinates.
       30       Primary Z coordinate.  3n values always correspond to 1n
                and 2n values and immediately follow them in the file.
     31-37      Other Z coordinates.
       38       This entity's elevation if nonzero (fixed).  Output only
                if system variable FLATLAND is set to 1.
       39       This entity's thickness if nonzero (fixed).
     40-48      Floating-point values (text height, scale factors, etc.).
       49       Repeated value - multiple 49 groups may appear in one
                entity for variable length tables (such as the dash
                lengths in the LTYPE table).  A 7x group always appears
                before the first 49 group to specify the table length.
     50-58      Angles.
       62       Color number (fixed).
       66       "Entities follow" flag (fixed).
     70-78      Integer values, such as repeat counts, flag bits, or
 210, 220, 230  X, Y, and Z components of extrusion direction.
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