[excel]Spreadsheet for Critical Path Method

This is a very simple program for  PERT/CPM.


1) Calculate activity times : Earliest Start Time (EST); Earliest Finish Time (EFT); Latest start time (LST); Latest Finish Time (LFT).
2) Calculate the float times(TF, DF, FF) of each activity : Total Float (TF); Dependant Float(DF); Free Float (FF).
3) Determine Critical Path of activities
4) Draw a Gantt Chart

Sheets of program
1) Manual sheet -> includes user manual and warnings.
2) Input sheet -> has input-data area and calculation button.
3) Gantt Chart sheet


Screenshot of CriticalPath.XLS

Download a file : CriticalPathEng.xls

If you need a korean version file, please click here. (한국어 파일이 필요하면 여기를 누르시오.

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